The Pop-Shop Project

  • DATEAUGUST 6, 2014

The idea, Where it all started

Back in 2014 in the early days of May pop-up stores were starting to pop-up in the news, tv and radio stations sometimes now and then. My brother and I decided to make a project which would help people to find or rent- out their store to people or company's.

Back than, and still most of the times the brokers are only offering long time period contracts starting from a couple months or in some cases even longer like 5 years.

For starting entrepreneurs it's almost impossible to make such a large deposit especially to enclose a contract without them knowing their store will be running or make sales in the longer time period.

The plan was now born, next on the list the front/end development and designing..


The pop-up store platform is designed efficiently for users with the integration of Google Maps API, a fully customized map with custom colors, store boxes and is really user friendly.

All POI's located on the map are part of the project and it's logo and are clickable to get a small overview of the selected pop-up store.

The main roads, locations and street names are also available when you scroll in on the map and take a closer look in some cases you would want to rent a pop-up store in a certain area.

The news publications page

When we started creating our platform we had one thing in common, we had to start being found on the internet by promoting other brands and pop-up stores in news articles.

So we started synchronizing our local map with the pop-up stores that we had in the database and added some simple options to the news articles like opening times, dates and the location.

The Pop-up store page

The store page was going to require some detailed information about the store itself including prices, contact options and a lot of details about the store like whether it has gas, tv, internet and 20 other options.

Pictures were also an important factor and the shop owner should be displayed with some simple details about themself. Some contact details including a chat function which emails the shop owner when they received a new message through our chat system.

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