Your Answer Might be Deep Inside the Forest... And I know where to find it!
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Filming & Editing

Front- End filming and editing without any special effects or sketches.

Video was made without a Stabilizer and with a Cannon D600 (1080p - 30FPS). Non- Focussed and only rawly cut the scenes after filming without applying the focus or stabilizing in Adobe After Efects or Premiere Pro.

Filming & Editing Portfolio

Photographing & Design

Realizing locations, spots and ideas for the perfect picture, standing out infront of the crowd is what a simple photo should tell you on it's first look.

Educated and specialized in creating the best current possible options for your photoshoot whether it's for animals, people, nature or anything else!

Photograph & Design Portfolio
Fotoshoot Maarten
Design and Development examples

Webdesign & Development

Creating and working out concepts since I was 14 years old is my passion, able to produce a solution for every possible idea you can think about.

Scripting and programming for web and mobile is where most of my interest goes to since a young age. Solving problems for every possible coding concept is what I life for.

Webdesign & Development Portfolio